Hello, I’m a published writer, photographer, and illustrator.

I started publishing my work in 2005.

I published four fiction books, one book about creative writing, and ten illustrated children’s books in Syria, Egypt, UAE, KSA and Turkey.

My writing was a mean to break a few taboos, to penetrate societal barriers, and to uncover reality to expose it to criticism… and to allow it to breath.

As much that makes it closer to reality as it makes it unbearable as a bare truth without any beautification.

At that moment, I felt the urgent need to re-balance my sense of beauty. I’ve always loved painting and drawing and visual art, but I didn’t have the chance to study it academically. I couldn’t find better than photography to re-balance my sense of beauty and to rebuild the bare reality I created through my observational writings.
I started my photography in 2008.

In 2011 one of my photos was chosen to be the main cover of the Indian photography magazine (Better Photography).
I’m usually attracted to abstract formations, symbolic images, daily life with all its contradictions, and Islamic art such as architecture and ornamental art especially in the Mediterranean area.

Through photography, I try to reach new forms of abstract mixed with symbolism.

_I worked on that aspect in my first photo collection which was featured in an exhibition in Egypt. It was a collection of simple abstract photos. A mix of lines and birds mainly in black and white called (Dancers in the Dark). Through it, I tried to express the daily in my world where expression is vastly limited.

_My second exhibition was in The United States of America, in Valparaiso University / Indiana 2016. Under the title of (24 seconds in holy places), I displayed 24 photos about Islamic art (from Syria, Egypt and Turkey). http://www.islamicartlounge.com/exhibtions/exhibitions-2/

_During the exhibition, I gave a lecture (under the same title) at the Art Department of Valparaiso University about Islamic art, and discussed my experience in photography in general and Islamic art in specific.

_In the last few months, I finished a new website about Islamic art (Islamic Art Lounge). It contains more than 500 of my captures in architect, ornament, stained glass, etc. It also contains a lot of articles, quotes, and videos. www.islamicartlounge.com.

_I started (In The Box) project in 2015. It was a digital painting using the collage technique to fill up the gap that the photography couldn’t do, especially inside countries do not have that friendly attitude with cameras.

And depending on that project I started my illustration children’s books project.

I enjoy art, and I love to express myself using all the tools and techniques that I know, and I always prefer to delete the borders between arts (painting photography writing music etc.).

I hope you enjoy your tour in my gallery, and I wish it would be unique and inspiring.

More details about my books:

  • “Six Fingers”, a collection of short stories. Syria, 2005.
  • “The Last Rituals of Perplexity”,  a collection of short stories. Lebanon, 2007.
  • “Crawling towards the Sky”, a novel. Spain 2009, and again in Egypt 2013.
  • “Steps in creative writing”, published online as a PDF file in Egypt.
  • “Adam Has a Story”, series of illustrated short stories for children published in Turkey and UAE.
  • “The lady of the ceremony” a novel. Published in 2017 by Kayan publishing _ Egypt.
  • “Hamada’s Rock” Short story for children (in the publishing by King Abdul Aziz Public Library.