Project Description


RafRaf Sketchbook (Patented)
Three in one sketch. Draw, Frame, & Display

RafRaf Sketchbook: Idea & Product Design, by me.

RafRaf Sketchbook
It was a very modern product presented to the market as an innovative product which motivates children to draw more by framing and showing their artworks in an elegant way. Great for children, younger, and artistic field.
It has two lines: Sketchbook and Coloring book with lovely drawings with the ability to be framed and showed.

Few Steps:
Draw. Separate your art board from the sketch.
Enter the Art work into the frame slowly.
Manage the sides.
Now you have framed art work, and it’s ready to expose.

Colors and Styles:
We made many styles and designs to match all the tests.
Females and males, children, young and adults.
And we had special customised designs by order as well.